Event Schedule

Jumbo Pumpkin Contest  pumpkin

October 5th,  Sunday at Ohnuma Park 


Ohnuma Park Halloween Week autumn20leaf

Autumn light up cruise & Halloween night!

October 24th Friday –  October 26th Sunday at Ohnuma Park


Pumpkin Carving Workshop Schedule & Space

Let`s make your own Lantern !!!       pumpkin

October 25th Saturday  10:00~15:00 at Hakodate Youth Center  at 2nd Floor. 

(World Festival ・地球まつり)

October 26th Sunday at 13:00~16:00 Tsutaya book store 

October 27th Monday 15:00~18:00 at Tsutaya book store 

October 28th Tuesday 15:00~19:00 at Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF) 


Pre-Event  autumn20leaf 

October 31st Friday  16:00~21:00            

Halloween art, Zombie Hallway, etc.

Russian University (parking area) & Hokkaido International Foundation  (HIF )


Main Event

November 1st Saturday  pumpkin

Booth Open : 12:00~20:00

Halloween Art, Nail Salon, Face Painting, Food & Drinks, etc

Lantern light up  17:00~20:00

 Lit up Pumpkin Lantern, Halloween Art, Zombie Hallway,      Nail Salon, Face Painting, Dance Performance, Food & Drinks,etc.

Russian University (parking area) & Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF)


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