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イベントプログラム!- Event Program!


10/31 (Friday) 4pm~9pm

4pm: Halloween Art and Decorations
Let’s make Halloween decorations together!
Place: the parking lot of the Russian University

4pm~6pm: Jack-o’-lantern Workshop
(depending on pumpkins availability)
Place: HIF building, 1st floor, big meeting room

4:30pm~9pm: Haunted House
Place: HIF building, 5th floor (entrance by the parking lot of the Russian University)

5pm~9pm: Jack-o’-lantern Light Up
All the carved pumpkins will be light up from 5pm.
Don’t miss this fantastic event!


11/1 (Saturday) 12pm~8pm

A lot of booths will be available this day: Jerry’s Popcorn, afloat nail salon, Donan Waku2 Market, Kamushura, Kitchen Hachimanzaka.

You can also learn how to make Halloween recycle art with Coco Juku Jr., Waya House, students from the University of Education of Hokkaido (Hakodate campus), Hakodate Wakamono Support Station, Hakodate Nishi High School, Iai High School,…

1pm~4pm: Jack-o’-lantern Workshop
(depending on pumpkins availability)
Place: HIF building, 1st floor, big meeting room

5pm~8pm: Haunted House
Place: HIF building, 5th floor (entrance by the parking lot of the Russian University)

5pm~8pm: Jack-o’-lantern Light Up

6:30pm: Dancing Performance
Yosakoi! by Tsuinkuru


News! 10/27 – 蔦屋書店でのカボチャランタンワークショップ / Day 2 at Tsutaya Bookstore







Yesterday was the first pumpkin carving workshop at Ttsutaya Bookstore in Hakodate. Kids and adults carved 45 pumpkins!
The next workshop at Tsutaya is today, Monday the 27th, from 3pm to 6pm. Please drop by if you want to have a fun experience! We are waiting for you!

News! 10/27 – ワークショップ / Workshops, Day 2

DAY 2:





The above picture shows the jack-o’-lanterns made by the kids at the Hakodate Children Center. Everyone did their very best and really enjoyed the workshop.

With all their different face expressions, those lanterns are really cute, aren’t they?

News! 10/26 – カボチャランタン / Jack-o’-lantern, Day 2





 Today, we carved pumpkins at the Hakodate Children Center in the morning, and at the Tsutaya Bookstore in the afternoon. We have so many Jack-o’-lanterns now! If you would like to try, please note the information about the next workshops :

The 27th of October (Monday): Hakodate Tsutaya Bookstore, from 3pm to 6pm
From the 28th of October to the 30th (Tuesday to Thursday): Hokkaido International Foundation, from 3pm to 7pm

Let’s all decorate the Hachimanzaka Slope and let’s enjoy Halloween!

News! 10/21 – 食べ物 / Food

Jerry’s Popcorn がイベントに来てくれます!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 4.34.57 PM



Kitchen 八幡坂の温かい飲物!アップルサイダー!

Jerry’s Popcorn will be participating in our event! We will also have pumpkin croquettes, fried chicken and French fries from Gamushara.  Pumpkin soup will be served by Yamakawa farm and Masada farm. Kitchen Hachimanzaka will sell hot drinks like apple cider.

News! 10/18 ネイルアートとフェイスペイント / Nail Art and Face Painting

今回、参加してくださるアフロートさんのハロウィン アートです。






The nail salon and school afloat will participate in our Halloween event on the 1st of November. For every purchased tickets, a free nail art or face painting session will be offered. For the nail art, there is only one base color but you will have 3 different options for the design! And if you want more, you can purchase special designs. Just ask to the afloat staff on site!



FP1 FP2 FP3 写真 1 写真 2

News! 10/17 – ハロウィンの飾り / Halloween Decorations


チケット(1,000円)申し込み受付中: 0138-22-0770 /

Do you remember the pumpkins we received a little while ago to decorate the cafeteria Kitchen Hachimanzaka? Look at how they change!
If you want to design your own pumpkin, do not forget to register to one of our pumpkin carving workshop!

Tickets (1,000 yen) still available! For more info: 0138-22-0770 or


News! 10/16 – この週末のイベント / This Weekend’s Events


Many events will happen this weekend.
On Sunday, the 19th, there is the Mother Festival where you can enjoy many activities!
IMG_4471 函館大学の学生もボランティアでハロウィンイベントを手伝ってくれます。


The students of the Hakodate University, who are helping us a lot with our Halloween event, will held their festival the same day.
Do not forget to have a look at the booth hosted by the students from Aomori!

kandaisai2014 Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 4.19.35 PM