About the Project

Our first mission is to give a cross-cultural experience to the next generation in Hakodate.                                                                                      “The Pumpkin Staff Committee”



Halloween is celebrated every year in a large number of cities around the world. With its long and rich history, Hakodate is the perfect city to hold a Halloween celebration. The Pumpkin Staff Committee was created in order to make this project come true.

Its objective is to provide a place for the people of Hakodate to meet and experience new activities. We hope this event will become a regular one, and will help the people of Hakodate to deepen their bonds while carving pumpkins with family and friends. Another objective of this event is to provide everyone with a place where they can exchange with foreigners living in the city.

As this year will be the first for our Halloween celebration, we will probably fumble a little bit in the beginning. There will probably be times when we will feel perplexed and some difficulties may occur from time to time. But all together we will overcome the problems and make this event a success!

                             Supported by
一般財団法人 北海道国際交流センター、函館市役所、函館西高校、北海道教育大学、
被災地の子どもを応援する会 “ほんわか”、COCO塾Jr、未来大学、函館蔦屋書店、五稜郭タワー、はこだて子どもセンター。

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